Welcome to the Monster Match Project!


Halloween Monster Match is a DESCRIPTIVE WRITING EXCHANGE involving both LANGUAGE ARTS and MATH. Students will use this collaborative opportunity to practice writing and practice following written directions. Students will then connect via Tandberg Equipment, Google+ or Skype to share results.

BEFORE The Project: Please go to this link Monster Project 2013 to fill out the information and be included in this project. You will be notified of the classroom you will be paired with in Mid October. The timing of the project will be up to the paired teachers and can easily be completed in 2-3 class sessions over a 2 week time frame (including mailing the descriptions). I would like to see the project wrap up by Halloween.


Project Steps:

1. Create the Monster

Students will be asked to write a very detailed description of a monster (using words, colors and measurements). Their monster can be two-dimensional - drawn and colored on a large piece of paper, or three-dimensional - using cardboard and other materials easy to find in a classroom. They will then be asked to actually create this monster to show what the end result SHOULD look like.

Note: as an enrichment activity for older students, you may wish to ask students to incorporate the monster’s description within a poem or short story. 8th grade possibility...

2. Exchange Description

Teachers will exchange the students' monster descriptions with their partner class via email or mail (if on paper) and when you receive the description of your monsters, your class must work to assemble or draw an accurate monster that matches the description you received.


3. Video Conference Sharing

The culmination of the project will be The Video Conference in which we share and compare the re-creation of Monsters from both classes.

This project was so fun last year, I had teachers asking to be included in it for this year, so here's your chance!

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