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This is a period of profound transition for me as I journey into virtual space to leave my mark. It's as easy to create and publish content as it is to consume it, so my goals are to ask questions, start conversations and challenge your thinking about teaching and learning. Welcome to wikispaces.

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Google resources!

Google's Digital Literacy Tour

Tech tools for Teaching in the 21st Century Guide
Making Vidoes for the Web

Computational Knowledge Engine

Free books online!

Read the front page of Newspapers for over 62 Countries!

Need a way to convert Youtube Video to other devices? Here it is....

cool new tool for visual mapping

Copyright and Fair Use Comics to teach with!

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 9.34.08 AM.png

Keeping our kids safe on the internet is a priority.

Diversity Day presentation slides.
October 2011

View my Internet Safety for Parents presentation.

GMS Internet Safety Info 2011

MLTI Parent Info Night 2010



Common sense internet safety guide to download.

Great internet sites for teaching safety on the internet. Some include lesson plans and games.
Internet safety

This guide encourages students to Stop, Think Connect

Free OpenDNS web filter

More Web 2.0 Tools than 1 person will ever need!!!!

100 sites to download everything!

Free Math games k-8


Visual Search Engine

Incredible comprehensive resource site.

Youblisher- Publish PDF's as books on a website.
Make a Flipbook
Make short Movies with
Make more short movies with lesson plans. Click on For Teachers

Newspaper Clippings! Have your students create newspaper clippings to post on a wiki or blog relating to current events or classroom news!

Great tool for Digitalstorytelling


Top Web2.0 Tools- Great List

More web2.0 tools web2.0

Cool tools for Schools Web2.0
webtools4u2use- tools for you to use
Mac web tools This is a great resource for trying new applications that are available.

MIT Open Cours

eWare for High Schools. OCW
Incredible resource for High School Math and Science Teachers and Students

Combine a bunch of links into one with:

Free Wikis for Education! Now even more WIKIS!!!!

Open Source is the wave of the future!!! Here's the best resource I have come across in a long while: Open Source Resource

Interesting article on the use of Cell phones in Education. Classes via cell phones

Finding people online can be easy, but is this a Privacy issue or Public space? Locating people online.

21st Century polling data This is a very interesting article on how critical 21st century skills are to our students.

21st Century skills A road map for the 21 Century.

News is accessible everywhere these days. This site is a really good news source and a great visual! Newsmap I can imagine using it for current events!

Try Google docs it's a collaborative word processor, spreadsheet and presentation program.

Try an Interactive Writeboard it's a collaborative workspace to work on digital storytelling, letters, etc...

Wiki while you work an excellent resource for examples of educational wiki uses.